Grow thinning hair faster

makes hair
thicker & Shinier

Clinically Proven. Improves Skin & Nails. Plus Protein & Omegas.

Vegan | Chemical Free |
All Natural |
Gluten Free | Sugar Free

made with whole foods

Our Product

Vegan | Chemical Free | All Natural | Gluten Free | Sugar Free


About Me


Hello!  I am Hanna Fowler, owner and inventor of Hair Matters.  So glad I can share my product journey with you😊!

When I turned 27 and noticed my hair thinning and tried all kinds of pills and topical potions.  The results were either
nonexistent, not fast or effective enough. It hurt my wallet and there were too many products to get the results I wanted.  Sounds familiar?  

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Edible Homeopathic Product
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This is a unique 100% vegan grain powder that you eat and you target your thinning hair follicles to grow faster, thicker, and shinier than ever! it has been clinically proven and has only had positive reviews!

Stop using lotions and potions and treat your thinning hair with all-natural nutrients.
This naturopathic powder product can be mixed with smoothies, yogurt, or eaten alone.


I enjoyed the product, and saw positive results in 5 weeks. Grew in thicker and faster. I would recommend this product. I noticed condition of scalp (in above photograph) improved as well. I like the fact it has no sugars. ”Yes, would recommend".

Ken L., male, Oriental, 60 yrs old, claims after 5 weeks:

It grew in thicker and faster. Great results.  I ate it when I got hungry for breakfast.” Said, “yes” would recommend, when asked.

Stephan D., male, Caucasian, 34 yrs old, results after 5 weeks:

Hair is visibly thicker, shiner & grew faster. I am diabetic and cannot have sugar .This product has no sugar. I like that it works naturally, inside my body – not a synthetic pill or potion. “Would recommended this product".

Marianne L., female, Caucasian, 62 yrs old, results after 5 weeks