1. Take Hair Matters to ensure proteins, omegas and nutrients that increase hair growth and thickness to thinning hair.
  2. Use a multivitamin every day
  3. Try to eat a balanced diet
  4. Massage your scalp while dropping head down a mattress, while lying on your back in bed. This makes blood flow to hair follicles. Do once a day at the most.
  5. Use natural hair care products
  6. Use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner
  7. Use a protein treatment and /or Moisturizing treatment every 2 -3 weeks
  8. Use a wide tooth comb when hair is wet
  9. Use low heat whenever possible for heat styling once per week
  10. Use small sections when heat styling, to avoid repetitive styling to avoid ‘baking’ the hair
  11. Get a blood test to make sure you have all the nutrients in normal ranges.  Get supplements where lacking
  12. Drink water



  1. Don’t use shampoos and conditioners that contain harsh chemicals
  2. Avoid dyeing / bleaching hair more than once
  3. Don’t use high heat styling tools, only once per week and choose a lower heat
  4. Don’t drink excessive alcohol, avoid as much as possible
  5. When styling with heat tools such as a straightener, do not take big chunks of hair, as hair will not style on one stroke and will end up ‘baking hair’ with repetitive strokes. Take small sections of hair to avoid heating over top numerous times
  6. Don’t use hair elastics that tug hair out, use ‘scrunchies’ instead
  7. Don’t wash your hair every day, only every other day at the most